Collaborative Teaching/Learning Tools for the iPad

In this session, we covered the following apps that can help teachers and students collaborate, share, and interact:
  • Nearpod
  • Explain Everything
  • ShowMe
  • Educreations
  • ask3

The following presentation (have uploaded in both keynote and powerpoint formats) was placed in Nearpod to demonstrate the use of Nearpod. A poll, drawing, and quiz was added to the nearpod presentation to demonstrate the interactive capabilities of Nearpod.

Teachers then downloaded the following apps and I demonstrated how they could use in their classroom.
explain everything.jpg
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Explain Everything ($2.99). Create and record live screen action. Great to use for tutorials and how-to videos.
Example of a how-to video created with Explain Everything:

Tutorial for Explain Everything:

Tutorial for New Tools and Using Explain Everything version 2.0

"The No. 1 App for Every Teacher--Explain Everything"

Examples of Presentations made by Cozad Elementary 5th graders using Explain Everything and Haiku Deck

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Ask3 (Free). "Ask 3 then me". This app is a mix of screencast and threaded discussions. Students do not have to sign up for an
account or have an email. They join the class by a class code given to them from their teacher. This app let teachers
add items like discussions, examples, and assignments to a bulletin board and the students can comment. Students can
also post a screenshot from Ask3 to ask for help or help others. Great collaboration between students and teachers.

Video on why Ask3 was designed.

Tutorial for Ask3
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ShowMe Interactive White Board (Free) Show me records annotations along with voice. ShowMe has an online learning
community. Great app for students to demonstrate understanding or for teachers to explain an assignment or procedure
to students.

Example of Using ShowMe for a math problem.

ShowMe Tutorial
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Educreations (Free). Educreations lets a teacher and share video lessons with their iPad or browser. Students can also
create a share lessons by capturing their voice and handwriting. Students can enroll in your class.

Example of Educreations used in Science.

Example of Educreation created by Cozad Elementary 5th grader

Tutorial #1 for Educreations

Tutorial #2 for Educreations
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NearPod (Free). Nearpod lets teachers create multimedia presentations and share with students. Students receive
the presentation on their mobile device and teachers can control their activity. Nearpod lessons can include polls, slides,
videos, drawing activities, webpages, Q & A, and quizzes.

Our Pinterest WOW/Tech Tuesday Board has some great tutorials on using NearPod. There are 7 short videos on using
nearpod. Pinterest Board

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard