The focus of these pages will be on forming a school plan for mobile device (iPad) implementation. A successful 1-1 implementation requires a great deal of collaboration, planning, and consensus among teachers, technical staff, administrators, and students. Ownership among teachers is a key factor to success. They need a stake in decisions on the rollout, take-home policy, responsible use, and curriculum changes the implementation will require. The goal or vision of why the implementation is taking place needs to be communicated to the staff, students, parents, and patrons. Finally, a plan for the actual implementation needs to be formed. This plan must cover:
  1. Communication--What methods will be used to communicate with stakeholders, and who is responsible for this communication?
  2. Staff Development--How will teachers and staff be trained, not only on the use of the technology, but how the technology can and should be used in the classroom?
  3. Digital Citizenship--How will students and staff be trained and held accountable for proper on-line behavior?
  4. Management--How will the devices be managed? How will repairs be handled? What restrictions, if any, will be placed on student devices?
  5. Hardware--Which model do you choose? Which cover do you select? What hardware/software will your teachers need to effectively use the device in the classroom?
  6. Finance--Budgeting for not only the purchse, but also maintenance, repiar, apps, books, and content
  7. Infrastructure--How many access points will you need and where should they be placed? What type of network management is available? What vendors provide solutions and how much do they cost?
  8. Deployment--How will you distribute the devices to students? When will you distribute? Will you have a boot camp? What training needs to be covered?

These documents and links have been created by a collaboration between some Nebraska School Districts that have already been through the initial stages and deployed mobile devices to their staff (Cozad, Aurora, Schuyler, Wood River, and Grand Island Northwest). These schools will host a Mobile Device Summit on February 28th for schools that are considering a 1-1 mobile initiative to begin work on their plan. They will have the opportunity to visit with schools which have already undergone successful iPad implementations as well as to collaborate with other schools that are in the planning process.

These documents and links will be ongoing so that this information can be current and shared with other schools.